Moldavite is very rare and powerful healing , transforming and ascension. It connects you to other worlds as it is an extra terrestrial stone. It has long been used for good fortune and fertility. It is used to connect to your higher self and to extra terrestrials, Ascended Masters and cosmic messengers. Just looking at it will raise your consciousness and its powerful energy will expedite your ascension process.  It has a very high vibration and will clear any blocks in the aura and instantly align the chakras. Moldavite is used in journeying and can take you not only into past lives but through to future lives. It helps to ground those who are very sensitive to this dense planet and aids in integrating into the earthly plane. It helps in feelings of homesickness for those who don’t feel ‘of this world’. Your spiritual growth will be accelerated and you will have access to the Akashic records working with this stone.  Moldavite is used in connecting to why your illness was manifested and what lesson is to be had through it.  Emotional traumas are usually brought to the surface and healed with use of this stone as well as bringing awareness to any dis-ease in the body in general. Through working with this stone, you will connect to other worlds, other beings, other lives and also ground to this existence and find better integration as it helps in grounding and guiding you to healing of the body and emotions in this physical world all the while accelerating at an incredible rate as you undergo major transformation. Interesting Lore:
Very often people will feel the "Moldavite flush" (a wave of energy or heat in the body) when holding the gem.
The "Grail Stone" is another name for Moldavite. Legend has it that the Holy Grail contains Moldavite and anyone who touches the 'Grail Stone' will have a spiritual transformation.