Citrine Magician Stone Pendant w/ Moldavite

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  •  Regular Magician Stone
  • .925 sterling silver
  • Dimensions 1.5" x 1" x 0.5"
  • Weight .30 oz
  • Complementary sterling silver chain
  • Black velvet box

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I’ve been looking for this and I’m so glad to found your store!


Every time we get a new shipment from Doorways to Power, it's a magical experience!

Every time we get a new shipment from Doorways to Power, it's a magical experience. Laura (my partner) and I look forward to receiving new crystals from Shilona and take extra time to sit down and open them together because of the extreme care she takes in preparing, wrapping, and boxing our items - every time feels like Christmas - only more special. I have purchased from countless metaphysical stores and online dealers - and I always end up referencing Doorways to Power as my gold standard. I've even pulled up the website to show multiple crystal shop owners the selection - and explain what Vogel wands are or the differences between different crystal formations. Shilona's passion for the stones and how they assist customers' spiritual journeys is easily observed by simply flipping through her site. No stone dealer has better pictures of their crystals or such detailed descriptions of the properties of each stone than here at DTP. Every piece we have received is truly a once in a lifetime specimen - whether it's our John of God clear quartz or citrine Master Dows, or our Healerite and Cinnazez Azeztulite altar pieces, or our Blue Mccaw feather smudge wand, or any of our pieces of power Jewelry. We keep a power pendant on our person at all times for harnessing and projecting good vibrations and protecting from unwanted energies. We even notice our energy being off when we forget to put them on. We also love noting the subtle (or not so subtle) differences the pendants have on our energy during our day. They also greatly assist and enhance our yoga and meditation - in fact, I give a lot of credit to Shilona and all her efforts at Doorways to Power for helping me heal my body and mind and develop my own inner awareness. It's always an intense yet rewarding process - but Doorways to Power can provide you with keys to unlocking the magic within. You just have to be willing to walk through the door.