About Us



My relationship with the stones of the earth began over 30 years ago. As a child I started collecting rocks that I would find on hikes in the mountains and deserts. I have always felt a deep connection to the love in the earth through the stones, the plants, the trees, the wind, the animals. All of nature is a beckoning call to my soul.

This has led me upon the path of health and healing and I now hold over 3,000 hours in education, certifications and national licenses in fields ranging from nationally certified professional therapist in mastery in energy healing in various modalities, shamanic work, astrology and countless others including master herbalist and clinical nutritionist.

I have been collecting and utilizing stones and crystals (from all over the world and my travels) in my work all the while, and have developed a special connection to these beautiful gifts from nature. I now am honored to be able to bring these wonderful treasures to you so that you may hear and connect to the special vibration and frequency which is individually tuned to you.

You will hear the call in your heart when you see and feel the one that is meant to be a key to your awareness, a doorway to your inner power.