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Thank you so much Doorwaystopower for this one. I love everything about this bracelet, I highly highly recommend it but you have to feel for yourself. Thanks again

Functional and beautiful

I love this pendant. I have other Aqua Aura Quartz crystals but none of them are this deep in color. I also have another "radiant heart" pendant from this company and I love the energy that comes from this sacred geometry shape. The aqua aura quartz is protective and I find it to be protective for me and it "quiets the noise" I get from other people. I am so happy with this purchase.

It is beautiful and is helping with nightmares at my door

Simply Breathtaking and powerful!

Words do not accurately describe the beauty, energy and power of this gift. The earth energy and love that I feel, the peace and strength the resonates is beyond what I could have ever imagined. Thank you!

Fast delivery

This pendant is beautiful. Its energy is delightful. It came quickly in a very nice velvet box. I will be buying from this company again.

Absolutely stunning etched topaz

Everything about this crystal is amazing: the etching, the multitude of rainbows that make it sparkle. It also has a very high vibration. I really feel that it is communicating with me when I hold it. I have bought several crystals from Doorways to Power and will continue to do so. Thank you for offering such quality products.

Always the very best crystals and impeccable craftsmanship!!
Wonderful Shop!!


Very powerful piece!I am grateful to the Universe,that guide me to you!Thank you!Love and Blessings

My atlantean andara

A master pièce ! Once again, I thank you so much Shilona for this Treasure. This is a pure beauty and the energy emanating from this Crystal is just magical. So in love with andara Crystals, every single one is unique, special and uncredibly magnificent !

Life Changing

Truly .Deep inner work aided by the Energy and Knoledge provided through Crystals sourced with guided descriptions through DOORWAYS to Power has been realized..
Thank you

Brilliant gem stone

The cut of the stone is beautiful as well as the clarity to the naked eye


It’s amazing, thank you

Mini Magician Danburite stone

It is a beautiful piece. I have been receiving lovely compliments. The cut of the stones amazingly reflects the light. I'm very happy this pendant ended up with me

The item I received is not what I ordered. I sent an email to you with the attached picture of the item I received. Please send instructions on how to return the item and please ship the right item I ordered. For now I am not able to give you a good rating

Wonderfully piece

Such a beautiful pendant ❤️❤️❤️

Incredibly Beautiful Pendulum!

I have ordered many pendulums (and other items) from Doorways to Power and each is a stunning and powerful piece.

This peice was a real gem like wow factor

Beautiful product and amazing service

Quality of the products and the amazing service

I love every piece I get from here! Hands down the best crystal amulets out there in terms of quality and energy.

Magic in the moment

This beautiful skull arrived in its own way. More pieces than one. The majority of the skull sits together in his new home where some of his piece's travel with me when required and one of the pieces will be made into a piece of jewelry that I can take with me anywhere, anytime. Perfectly imperfect just like all of us. Thank you so much x

Powerful & Exquisite!

I had high expectations for this amazing piece, and they weren’t just met; they were far exceeded. The most exquisitely clear and highly energetic quartz I have ever encountered. Crystals of this quality, and artistic craftsmanship of this kind, just aren’t available anywhere else. These are truly special pieces. Thank you.

This is such a beautiful piece. Thank you