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Absolutely stunning! Attention to details and the customer service is outstanding.
Best place to shop for “one of a kind” and very special item. There is power in being unique and this shop has it.

Stunning pendulum. Powerful!

Rare, natural, and high quality crystal empowered

From the high desert DTP offer some of the finest semi-precious, precious, and other mineral kingdom specimens imbued with NE energies.
The Citrine Magician’s stone, is a naturally birthed crystal cut to very precise ratios that create geometric patterns within. Transaction, customer service, and packaging, all easy to navigate, with tracking and delivery details. A close eye to fine details allow for a superb customer experience.

Definitely will be back again!
Many blessings, salud, skål, cheers! A’ho!

I was guided to chosen this beauty crystal by my spirit team.
I really appreciated you shared information about this crystal, help me connection to her more easily.

Bought three of these the middle druzy fell out in all three. I really loved these necklaces before the center piece fell out. I even gifted two of them and the same happened to the ones I gifted.

This is what I’ve been seeking for many years! It’s elegant, simple, lightweight and yet sturdy. The energy is powerful without the usual overwhelm that synergy crystals often have. Bonus- the love and personalization the gift came in was impeccable!! That meant more to me the the gift itself- which is invaluable.

Powerful yet gentle, calming, and loving energy

Wow! Shilona, this pendant has the most incredible energy. It’s a beautiful piece - the color, like a Caribbean Sea, and the energy is so loving. I’ve been looking for ways to ground myself as life has been extra wild and then it occurred to me that maybe it’s not ground I need but the ability to float - this stone carries that energy in such a loving and gentle way. It’s a gorgeous color with a gorgeous spirit. Thank you!


I love my pendant, It feels like it's radiating a a protective energy, I'm very thankful and happy to wear it.

This is the most beautiful pendant ever!!!!

Lovely aqua aura

Beautiful aqua aura pendant!
Wearing it brings a peace and calm in even the most hectic situations.
I love it and the peace and protection it brings to me.
Thank you for bringing these lovely pieces to us.

Shamanic Journeyer Necklace

What a beautiful, power-filled necklace. I teach shamanic studies and the energies from the stones in this necklace are strong and supportive in my work. They are very grounding and help to balance the energy fields as well as open up the higher aspects needed for this type of work, I have four of the various high-energy necklaces from this seller, and I love the quality in each and every piece she creates! I highly recommend this shop.

Sugilite pendant

Stunning crystal with amazing energy I connected to immediately. I love crystals from this shop.

Tugtupite pendant

This is not the first crystal I have had from Doorways to Power and it probably won’t be the last. As always the crystal has a really clean, gentle and powerful energy, is utterly beautiful and I couldn’t be more pleased with it.

The most powerful Crystal I’ve ever worked with!

I’ve worked with a number of the other synergy 12 Stones so I was very excited to have the opportunity to work with this Crystal. It’s not like any other stone I’ve ever Worked with before. The items from the shop are so well curated and the packaging that I received was so thoughtful. One of the best stores I’ve ever shopped at.


This treasure is beautiful. Fits in my hand and feels good. It’s funny because my birthday was the other day and I open my card from my husband and to my surprise he had placed a cheque for $650.00 in it. Citrine the merchant stone, interesting! Thank you!!!

My citrine

This stone is absolutly stunning ! This is pure beauty and its energy is amazing ! Fall in love at first sight :).
Thank you so much shilona !!!!

Beyond Expectations

Accurate ,Knoledgeable and Ethical,Honest ,add connected and you have a great resource


Energy Beyond the Possible


110% accurate listing and sell ethics. Incredibly powerful mineral specimen.Astounded

I love all the crystal amulets I’ve gotten and this one has been no exception! Every crystal I’ve gotten has helped me tremendously in facilitating the change I’ve needed to happen.

Bless you

Worlds within this little wonder!
Feels in my hand worm as a charcoal of light.

I can hear it singing

Thank you.

Blue Heart

Look like heart. Feels like a heart. Thank you.

LOVE Bliss

I truly love and respect your work. I wear it, them actually, discretely in love and Spirit, and resonate every blissful moment. Thank you.

Danburite Tanzanite magician pendant

Wow! Words cannot express the incredible beauty and energy that comes from this piece. It is so exquisite it took my breath away. It has already begun to work its magic in my life and I am so grateful for Doorways to Power.