Shamanic Healing Tools offer access to the Akashic Record realm, are used for healing, cleansing, purifying, power. They are tools from the Earth so you may work with the energy of  all of creation. We have tools for your altar, ceremony, ritual and healing sessions. We offer these rare and unique one of a kind, hand made tools, talismans and cleansing items.These Gifts of Grace and Light  are created to reflect the inner knowing of the individual who resonates with any given tool. We help you to reconnect with yourself, Spirit and Mother Earth through shamanic healing practices by helping you to reacquire the tools for necessary growth and healing work for self and others. These tools are used for Shamanic Journeying soul Integration, soul retrieval and in any way you feel called to.
Uses - Spiritual Practice, Grounding, Protection, Energy: gather, contain, and transform, Cleansing and Healing