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Moldavite & Phenacite Mini Magician Stone Pendant (RARE)

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Manifesting Extraordinary Luck and Abundance. An absolutely stunning high energy pendant combination.

.925 Sterling Silver
Dimensions .98" x .53" x .32" inches
Complimentary sterling silver chain 

Moldavite Keys - Transformation, Rapid Spiritual Evolution, Chakra activation, Cleansing, Protection, Increased incidence of Synchronicities.

Moldavites are the rarest of gems, perhaps more rare than diamonds, rubies or emeralds. Moldavites have been prized for over 25,000 years, since archaeologists have discovered moldavite shards and pieces in cave dwellings of that era.

Keys: Third eye activation, Inner visions, Awakening the Light Body, Inter-dimensional Travel
Chakras: Third eye (6th) Crown (7th)

Phenacite is often considered the highest energy crystal in existence. The extremely high vibration that can multiply the energies of other stones used in crystal healing.

Customer Reviews

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Thank you so much for your email explaining Lady Nellie's stones and the unfortunate

and unscrupulous sellers who are duping customers. It is really sad and troubling. I was very drawn to your website and your pieces are exquisite! I am fascinated by the tuning ritual that you mentioned you do on your pieces. That is remarkable and very special, indeed. I feel fortunate to have the pieces from you that I ordered, As mentioned, it's been an extremely challenging two years for me and I know most people will say it's crazy to turn to crystals to expect change. And yet, there is something about being in the presence of and holding something beautiful that is so uplifting. And perhaps that feeling of upliftment changes one's vibrations and energetic field and guides one on a different path and introduces a new mindset...

Thank you so much for the lovely lavender and the beautiful little angel that you sent with my order. What stone is the green angel? I love the green!

Your training in herbs and healing sounds wonderful. Do you practice that work, too, professionally?

I'm happy I found your website and to be connected!

With warmest wishes,

Amazing and classy pendant and chain!

And amazing little gifts! Worth.will definitely purchase again