Sanda Rosa Azeztulite, because of its mica and garnet inclusions, is more grounded than other forms of Azeztulite, and is easier for highly sensitive people to work with. It harmonizes the Liquid Crystal Body Matrix and brings bodily systems into proper energetic alignment. It is very soothing to the etheric body and is particularly helpful to the digestive system. Sanda Rosa Azeztulite is an energetically unusual and rare type of Quartz found only in North Carolina in the USA.  It contains not only Quartz, but also green-black Mica and Spessartine-Almandine Garnet.  These minerals work to more fully ground Azeztulites high vibrations in our bodies and in the Earth. Through this stone, the currents of the Great Central Sun penetrate more deeply into matter for physical, emotional and spiritual healing of ourselves and our world, bringing enlightenment to all.
Uses - Harmonizing, Ascension, Spiritual Light, Grounding, Third Eye, Heart Chakra, Meditation