Master Shamanite initiates inner journeying, and connects with power animals and spirit guides, spiritual elders as well as loved ones who have passed. It is a stone to heal others through soul retrieval. It helps dispel fear of death. It resonates with inter dimensional beings. Used in meditation it can help you become aware of them and their benevolent intentions. It also exposes the inner activities of so-called demonic forces which are working to keep humans in a lower state of awareness. This exposure dissolves their power. Master Shamanite offers spiritual protection to those who wear or carry it, and offers more to those interested in serious inner work. If one wishes to be a 'Warrior of Light,' Shamanite can be a powerful ally.
Some info was provided by our colleagues Robert Simmons Book of Stones. 
Uses - Linking the physical and spiritual realms, inner purification, spiritual protection, shamanic journeying, transformation to Diamond Self