Protection & Power 2021 Bracelet Guardianite, White Azeztulite, Master Shamanite

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The Protection & Power 2021 Bracelet is composed of  Guardianite, White Azeztulite, Nuummite, Smoky Quartz and Black Tourmaline beads.

  • Size: Made with 6 mm beads on comfortable elastic band. Also available in 8 or 10 mm beads.
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  • Each Bracelet is personally programmed by Robert Simmons for the highest good of the wearer.

Designed to provide the wearer with spiritual protection, while enabling one to achieve one’s highest destiny. The bracelet combines some of the most potent stones of purification, grounding, protection and empowerment, and it is programmed to work synergistically in a way that guides one’s power toward the purpose of personal and planetary Ascension.

Customer Reviews

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The Protection & Power 2021 Bracelet is very grounding..

This bracelet is very grounding and definitely protective As soon as I opened the package and read the prayer as I put on the bracelet, I felt this surge of loving energy surround me.
It is an amazing intuitive gift to wear. Thank You, Doorway To Power

Deeply Protective and Grounding

These stones are simply beautiful. The bracelet is much smaller in person, but it is amazing. There is a prayer attached to stones. When I heard it I was deeply touched. The darker stones are very grounding and deeply tuned to the earth, while the clear and white stones completely open up the crown in a beautiful way. Simply touching these stones always reminds me that I'm never alone when exploring the depths. Thank you so much! Ultra fast shipping and beautiful piece!

Beautiful item perfectly wrapped and super fast shipping.

Great Shop!~ A+++