Lapis Lazuli is one of the most royal of power stones. In Egypt it was known as the stone of the Gods and was used to cleanse, purify and purge the soul, body and mind.  It is a powerful mental and spiritual cleanser but also is used to penetrate through subconscious blockages so that you can reach the intuitive mind. Lapis helps here in drawing you into yourself so you can work through that which needs to be released. Lapis guides you through the darkness of the subconscious so that you can achieve wisdom like the flecks of gold found in this beautiful stone.  Here we have a beautiful drop shaped cabochon that has been shaped and polished to bring out more of Lapis Lazuli’s richness and it is perfect for meditation to place it on the bodies’ energetic chakra points to aid in opening the third eye to see deep within, to see the Stars in the Sky.
Uses - Inner Vision, Truthful Communication, Royal Virtues