Lapis Lazuli & Aquamarine Crystal Pendulum

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A Lapis Lazuli & Aquamarine Pendulum of Exceptional Quality!

One of the oldest “spiritual” stones, first mined six thousand years ago in Afghanistan. In Egypt lapis was used mainly by royalty and priests to access the sacred knowledge, and it is believed that the sapphire referred to in the Bible was actually lapis lazuli. Lapis is often worn as talismans and used in inlaid work and ornaments.

Dimensions: 1.55" x .55" in. Total length w/ chain 7" inches
Weight: 11 grams
.925 Sterling Silver

Lapis Lazuli Metaphysical Properties:
KEYS - Inner vision, truthful communication, royal virtues
Chakras - Third eye(6th) Throat(5th)

Aquamarine is a stone of empowerment for both women and men, and it helps one realize that not all power comes from force - there is tremendous power in aligning oneself with the yielding resilient vitality of life.

"The Pendulum is an ancient method of divination"
Pendulums are divination tools – they help in gaining insight and understanding about your own self, someone else, an incident or an occurrence. Pendulums have been used for ages for divination and determining the answer to any question which the rational mind cannot perceive.

This is accomplished by allowing the body, through a process known as ‘muscle testing’, to determine the outcome. Simply ask a question which you know the answer to and determine which circular or up or down motion is yes or no. Relax – then ask your question. With practice, and once you become comfortable in using your pendulum you can use your divination skills to answer all sorts of questions and to make decisions.

Our genuine crystal pendulums make excellent tools for spiritual healing and inner growth.

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Fantastic High Quality Dowsing Pendulum

Always a highly recommended shop - always quality on all levels. Blessings

Patty G. Hardt
Better to Best

I received my purchase in a timely manner and the pendulum was beautiful, but the chain not so much. Upon me providing requested input about my purchase, Doorways to Power replaced the OK chain with a wonderful chain exceeding my expectations at NO charge. I will absolutely purchase from Doorways to Power again!!