Angel Aura is created when clear quartz points or clusters go through a treatment process where their surfaces are bonded with vaporized platinum, silver, and other trace metals resulting in silvery surfaces of brilliant shimmery color. The name Angel Aura Quartz comes from the likeness of wings of angels that form a connection to the Angels.
Angel Aura Quartz brings peace, tranquility and contentment. In meditation you are taken to a place of purification and rest, where you can connect to and channel your Angel guides, ready to release what needs to go and find deep peace with higher knowledge gaining insight to your spiritual purpose and to remembering past lives.
It attunes you to Nature and Spirit. wearing Angel Aura Quartz illuminates your inner beauty so you may be connected only to peace and awareness.
Uses - Angel Guides, Channel, Upliftment, Peace, Serenity, Expanded Awareness, Heals Relationships