Angel Aura Quartz Magician Stone Pendant

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The magician stone is cut according to principles of sacred geometry so that a star exhibiting four-fold symmetry appears within it. One can see other stars refracted within the star as well.

The equilateral cross symbolizes the Tetrahedron. The Tetrahedron, or four-sided pyramid, is the geometrical principle underlying many types of both organic and inorganic molecules, and provides the microscopic structure of diamonds and of the amino acids that are the building blocks of all life-forms on planet Earth.

The Magician Stone cut pendant is designed to bring the wearer into harmony with the four elements and the four directions, and to help harmonize your energy field with the cosmic flow of energy pouring from from the Mother Goddess and present throughout all creation.


.925 Sterling Silver
Dimensions 1" x .80" inches

The magician stone is cut according to principles of sacred geometry so that a star exhibiting four-fold symmetry appears within it. One can see other stars refracted within the star as well.


Key –Upliftment, Peace, Serenity, Expanded Awareness
Chakras – Crown (7th) Etheric (8th) and beyond, above the head)

There are only a few color enhanced stones we feel are energetically active, unique and useful. In General, our position is that stones which are dyed, stained or coated to make them attractive are no better and sometimes worse, than they are in their unadorned form. One exception to this is ANGEL AURA QUARTZ. (Another is its cousin, AQUA AURA QUARTZ) This stone is produced when clear quartz points or clusters go through a special treatment process in which their surfaces are bonded with vaporized or finely powdered platinum, silver, and other trace metals. The resulting crystals exhibit silvery surfaces of brilliant iridescent color. The name Angel Aura Quartz derives from this color’s likeness to the images of the gossamer wings of angels, and from an energetic connection to the Angelic domain.

The shimmering shades of iridescent colors that highlight Angel Aura Quartz immediately put one in mind of the angels. There is something delicately uplifting about Angel Aura Quartz, a quality of sweetness that stimulates the spirit and elevates one’s mood. Meditating with these stones, one can easily move beyond the body and go to one’s “inner Temple” This is the place of purification and rest, in which one’s angelic guides are present, ready to release stress and move into deep peace.

Remembrance of past incarnations, insights into one’s spiritual purpose, the ability to channel the higher knowledge and the opportunity to commune with loving spiritual entities are among the possibilities available through working with ANGEL AURA QUARTZ. And all of these things take place in a “bubble” of peace, tranquility and contentment.

Angel Aura Quartz is a stone of attunement to beauty, and it can assist one in remembering to pay attention to the beauty surrounding one, in both Nature and Spirit. Wearing Angel Aura Quartz helps one to be a beacon of inner beauty, peace, and spiritual awareness during one’s journey in this world.

Customer Reviews

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Daniela H
Stunning and magical

I was referred to your website by a very dear friend of mine and immediately was drawn to this beautiful angel quartz. It is just gorgeous, I took out my loupe to examine it inside and found it to be very pure and energized. The wrapping and little surprise gifts were just perfect. Feeling very blessed to be connected to this beautiful website and these incredible and unique crystals. Thank you so much!

jessica hutto

Shilona blew me away with the entire experience of ordering my necklace. She wanted me to get the stone ASAP with all the different energy in the world right now from Covid. I appreciated that so much! The necklace is the most magical piece of jewelry I have ever worn. Its energy is POWERFUL! I cannot wait to order more. Thank you Shilona!


This Angel Aura pendant is even more beautiful in person. It gives off such a sweet peaceful energy. Thank you for this lovely special piece, and thank you so much for the extra special gifts as well. Very much appreciated.

Sarah Grace

So blessed to have Shilona as a source for the highest quality and vibration crystals, especially because she ensures each one is offered at the most resonant, energetic vibrational frequency (price). This one is no different! Such a magnificently powerfull, sparkling stone who hangs out with me in my office. I'm partnering with all the facets of her energies - angelic, higher self, magician, etc. to manifest and magnify MAGICAL energy within me and my life.

Tina WC

Beautiful. When I opened the gift box the angel aura quartz literally sparkled at me. It's lovely and magical.
Great work.