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Zincite Crystal Specimen Poland 'FIRE' Collectors Quality A++

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Natural & Rare Collectors Quality Zincite from Poland A+++

"Zincite is an ideal stone for those who are spiritually inclined and need the fire in the lower-chakra energies in order to bring their aspirations into physical reality."

Fire: Warriors of Light take strategic inventories, they will list everything they do, they then decide which of those things can be changed in order to allow themselves a respite, in terms of expending their energy.

Measures: 1.94" x .57" x .45" inches
Weight 120 carats

Keys: Life Force, Creativity, Sexuality, Personal Power, Manifestation
Chakras: Root (1st) Sexual / Creative (2nd) Solar Plexus (3rd)

Zincite increases life force and is empowering facilitating courage, passion, and creativity. Zincite removes energy blocks from the body and allows the life force to flow unhindered. Zincite attracts abundance at a physical and spiritual level and may be used to anchor the light body securely into the physical realm. Zincite grounding vibrations helps one manifest their goals in the physical world. Zincite resonates with the lower chakras, re-energizing the whole body, stimulating creativity and fertility.

Zincite assists with the rise of kundalini energy and enhances gut instincts and intuition. Zincite instills confidence and the ability to find your own strength. Zincite pushes you to go forward if you suffer from lethargy or procrastination and helps one embrace necessary change. Zincite helps to clear the mind and brings new energy to ideas and furthering goals. Zincite helps to bring together like-minded people and is a great crystal tool for furthering relationships and group promotion.

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Miracle Worker

A wonderful source of energy, cleansing, and protection. Thank you Doorways of Power for all that you do!