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White Azeztulite Tumbled Stone Polished | Azozeo Activated

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Beautifully Polished & Tumbled Synergy Twelve Stone

"Azeztulite carries a high vibration from the Angelic Realm."

Dimensions .97" x 1.16" x .32" inches
Weight 10 grams | 50 carats
Authenticity Card
Azozeo Super Activated
"Azeztulite is among the highest vibrations in the Mineral Kingdom."

Keys – Receiving the Nameless Light, Link with the Great Central Sun, Reattunement of the Liquid Crystal Body Matrix for Healing and Regeneration
Chakras - All (including the etheirc chakras above the body)

Azozeo Super Activated Crystals carry much higher frequencies than the non-activated versions of the same stones. They provide a more powerful, clearer and more elevated version of the characteristic of each crystals vibrations.

They expand awareness to higher realms, actualize spiritual capacities and open one to enlightenment.

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Courtney T

Thank you so much!