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Vitalite Triangle Tumbled & Polished Crystal

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Vitalite replenishes one's Life Force through the infusion of prana.

Dimensions .84" x 1.4" x .41" inches
Weight: 10 grams | 50 carats
Keys: Life Force, replenishment, joy, well-being, love, courage, emotional cleansing, generosity, creativity, spiritual awakening
Chakras: Heart (4th) Third Eye (6th) Crown (7th)

When one holds this stone to the heart, it is easy to feel its flow of refreshing, revitalizing currents. Vitalite stimulates one's overall sense of well-being, helping to alleviate stress, anxiety,irritability, and depression.
As one feels one's body and energy field becoming enlivened, one's mood lightens and one is ready to face the world again. It stimulates courage and love, and can kindle the spiritual experience known as the Ascension of the Heart.

The Chi of this stone is so strong that it affects the entire body on a cellular level, encouraging a healthy flow of life in every cell, organ and system.

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Magical Crystal Skull
This is a gorgeous stone that produces alot of energy and love in a fabulous shimmering way.

I wear it or keep it on to feel revitalized and glittering.