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Vera Cruz Amethyst Twin Crystal Record Keeper + Isis Face

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Incredible & Rare Vera Cruz Amethyst Twin Crystal Specimen with Sunken Record Keeper & Isis Face.

'Collectors Quality' A+++

Vera Cruz Amethyst has a tendency to be of lighter shades and typically quite translucent. The darker stones are considered more powerful and more valuable. Vera Cruz amethyst comes from mines that were mined out ten years ago, making these high quality specimens rare and valuable.

Amethyst has been popular with royalty, sages, mystics and magicians for centuries.

The color violet is the color of the seventh, or crown chakra, in the human energy body, and the Violet Ray is the Seventh of the Seven Rays of Creation. The Seventh Ray is one aspect of the Holy Spirit, a combination of the blue flame of faith and the pink flame of love.

We prize the ultra-high frequency vibrations of this unique crystal, because it resonates with the energy signature of the Violet Flame of St. Germain.

Dimensions 2" x 2.32" x .75" inches
Weight 36 grams -1.3 oz

KEYS - Protection, Purification, Divine Connection, Release of Addictions
Chakras - Third Eye (6th) Crown (7th) Etheric (8th and beyond, above the head)

Amethyst embodies the Violet Flame, using its healing power on all levels. Highly useful in meditation and one of the most effective as it calms emotions. More than most quartz crystals, it quiets the mind allowing connection to spirit.