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Turkey Smudge Fan with Peacock Parrot

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Authentic Handmade Turkey Smudge Fan. Natural wood Handle.

  • Measurements - 18"  total length  Width - 7"  at widest part of the fan
  • Weight  8 oz.

The handle is Beautiful Natural Wood

Turkey feather (Special Wisdom) Peacock (Good Luck) Parrot (Medicine) Guinea (Watchful Eyes of Protection)

Coyote fur -Trickster, Shape-Changer, keep me from danger, Cunning magician, Teach me your ways of magical fire, powers much higher. Lead me to new life. Brighten my days.

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Omar Garcia
The Feather Fan that you have so lovingly put together serves us well.

Greetings Shilona and DoorWaysToPower Crew,

First and foremost, please let me apologies for taking so long to send you this email. You are on my mind regularly and I keep putting this off. First our camera was broken, then our new Baby came along, then we moved to another state, then ……. Well you get the idea. Today is the day we are sending pictures and email.

The Feather Fan that you have so lovingly put together serves us well. It has been a part of our many ceremonies. We call upon the animal spirits of the Turkey for special wisdom, Peacock for good luck, Guinea for the watchful eye of protection, the Parrot for medicine, the Fox for guidance, wisdom, cunningness, longevity and protection, and The Male Deer with his Antler for grace and Majesty. As we smudge each other and our sacred space to the four cardinal directions, the animals come alive greeting us and rallying round us. We thank you immensely. It’s not too big and not too small. It is also a very POWERFUL FEATHER FAN. We will be conducting even more ceremonies on a larger scale and more frequently very soon. The fan will join us every time.

The fan currently sits at the altar as you can see in the pictures. It is our go to cleansing tool.

Also thanks again for the small crystal attached to your card. It is our Babies first crystal and as soon as she is old enough we will fashion it to a necklace. Her name is Ayah in honor of the medicine that helped to bring her forth into this existence. (that’s another story for another time)

We wish you massive success in all your endeavors. Please keep us posted on whatever comes up.

Love, Light and PEACE,