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Trulite Silica Tumbled & Polished Gemstone

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The stone we call Trulite Silica is a newly discovered quartz-based gemstone, exhibiting complex patterns in rich hues of green and blue. Trulite Silica is a stone of heartfelt knowledge and deep Wisdom. It is a stone of true and eloquent self-expression and sincerity.

For centeredness, balance, strength, power, courage, fortitude and endurance.

Dimensions   1" x 1.25" x .22" inches
Weight  8 grams | 40 carats

This stone can bring one into conscious rapport with the Deep Self, the identity beneath one's everyday persona. As such, Trulite Silica powerfully facilitates emotional healing and spiritual wholeness. It is a stone whose day has come, and it offers itself to us for the benefit of our own awakening into loving relationship with ourselves, the Earth, and the Divine." —RS