Mystical Tri Color Andara Crystal 'Multiverse'

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Ultra Rare One of a Kind Mystical Multiverse Monatomic Andara Crystal with a cosmic combination of Yellow Solaris Andara, ET Pleiadian Elder and Electric Blue Atlantean Emissary of the Light.

If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, every bit of it is alive. Amazing, rainbow, luminous, activating expansive energy is here. Enter and explore the Multiverse on your own. Draw to yourself streams of restorative Andara energies from the realm of Pure Consciousness where all dualities and conflicts are resolved and partake from the treasure troves of transcendent knowledge that reside throughout the Multiverse.

"These Authentic Monatomic Andara Crystal Glass come from one of the Earth’s high-energy vortex sites in the High Sierra Nevada's of northern California, Lady Nellies Land"

Dimensions 3.9" x 3.73" x 2" inches
Weight 520 grams | 1 lb 2.4 oz

What distinguishes true Andaras from obsidian imitations is that there is always Etherium (prima Matra) present in genuine Andara Crystals. Etherium is a very rare combination of over 70 minerals that has a profound effect on our body and our subtle energy fields. The only available source of Etherium in the world is found on Lady Nellie’s land where the Andaras are present.

True Andaras work with your DNA, greatly accelerating your perceptions by calibrating you mostly while you sleep, (Giving you lots of dreams).They work in your Heart and they work wonderfully with your intentions.

Each ANDARA is unique and we feel honored to be a part of the process in your connecting to those you are drawn and use in your spiritual lightwork.

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Hello Shilona, I have received the "Andara" crystals package and I am very happy with it.

Thank you for accompanying gifts. What an energy! What vibrations, I have never felt so much!
I think I will come back to see you again soon.
Love and Gratitude