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Black Tourmalinated Clear Quartz Star of Venus Pendant

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Black Tourmalinated Clear Quartz Star of Venus Crystal Pendant Necklace .925 SS.

The star of Venus is an Ancient Symbol of protection and invocation, this five pointed star celebrates man’s union with the Earth and Creation through each of the five elements (fire, air, earth, water & spirit)

Dimensions .77" x .62" x .30" inches
With complimentary .925 18" Sterling Silver chain

Black Tourmaline Keys - Protection, Purification
Chakras – Base (1st)
Black Tourmaline is a shamanic stone that brings protection during rituals, cleanses, purifies, and transforms dense energy into a lighter vibration. It also protects against Radiation, Electromagnetic smog, psychic attack,spells, ill wishes, cell phones and many other negative energies. Black Tourmaline's provide high levels of purification which serve to elevate one's consciousness

Clear Quartz Keys – Programmability, amplification of one's intention, healing, magnification of ambient energies, clearing, cleansing, memory enhancement.
Chakras - All

Clear quartz has both piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties, so quartz crystals will respond to heat and pressure by changing their electrical polarities, and by radiating energies. Quartz crystals are ideal for receiving, storing, amplifying and transmitting energy. They are used in computers, liquid crystal display watches, radios, radar systems and many other types of advanced technologies.

Metaphysically, clear quartz crystals have been prized for their ability to transmit healing energies and to attune the bearer to the higher vibrational frequencies of spiritual realms, which exist beyond the visible spectrum of light. Clear quartz amplifies the energy of thoughts and emotions, and can be used to facilitate communication with Angelic Realms, with spiritual guides and teachers, and with other sensitive individuals around the world.

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Jody Butler

I’ve recently been drawn to rutile quartz and smoky quartz. I’d purchased an amazing smoky quartz tower here a few months ago, and I was drawn to this pendant just as strongly. I’m so glad! It has a beautifully protective and uplifting energy, not to mention that it is simply stunning. Thank you for offering such beautiful pieces!