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Tibetan Tektite Specimen XL & Unique Museum Quality 'Magic'

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XL Authentic and Rare Museum Quality Tibetan Tektite Synergy 12 Stone . "These stones vibrate with high frequency pulsations".

This is an incredibly special, one of a kind piece!

Rare glassy remnants of an ancient meteor crash, these are among the most powerful stones for bringing spiritual energies into the physical, astral and etheric bodies.

Dimensions: 1.95" x 2.1" x 2.16" inches
Weight 160 grams ' 5.7 oz.
Keys: Connection with ET's Telepathic Communication, Raising One's Vibrational level

The classic forms of tektites - tear drops, smooth rounded buttons and dumbells suggest these stones were, at the time of associated meteoric impact, heated to the liquid state and flung through the atmosphere. Scientists have long debated whether Tektites were themselves meteorites, terrestrial rocks melted by meteoric impacts, or some fusion of terrestrial and extraterrestrial material. Tektites have a long history of lore and legend. More than 2000 years ago Chinese writer Liu Sun gave Tektites the name Lei-gong-mo, meaning "Inkstone of the Thunder god."

Australian aborigines refer to them as Mban, which means 'Magic,' and they believe that finding a Tektite brings good luck. In India they were known as Saimantakimani, the 'sacred gem of Krishna.' The Sanskrit name for Tektites, agni mani, can be translated into English as 'fire pearl' or 'tear drops from the moon.' Tibetan monks are said to have worshiped Tektites, calling them the 'stone of shamaballa.'

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Never even looked closely at Tibetan Tektite before, and suddenly "Boom!" this Wonder called my name! I LOVE IT! Thank you Shilona!