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Tibetan Blue Obsidian Star of David Crystal Pendant 14k

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Exquisite Tibetan Blue Obsidian Star of David Vogel Crystal Pendant set in 14k gold. 

The pendant has been powerfully blessed & energized at one the worlds most powerful vortexes in the world, that sits on a crystal plate 270 miles in diameter.

"Three-dimensionally, the Star of David is the Merkaba, which is the Light-body. In the language of Hebrew, the word Merkaba means ‘the heavenly Throne-Chariot"

The Star of David cut is one developed by Marcel Vogel - IBM research scientist and founder of Psychic Research, Inc. and is of two triangular cuts, one triangle pointing up and the other pointing down, symbolizing the higher and lower trinities, the coming together of Spirit and Earth, offering the wearer protection, wholeness and access to the Higher Self.

Dimensions 1.25" x 0.5" x 0.1875" inches 
Complementary 18 inch 14k gold filled chain and black velvet jewelry box.

Tibetan Blue Obsidian is found along the banks of the Yarlong Zangbo river in Tibet. Useful in cultivating serenity and patience. Helpful in the pursuits of divination, insight and the correction of misrepresentation. It is also a great tool for cleansing of negative mental influence.

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Hi Shilona, I really wanted you to know how happy I am with my Tibetan blue obsidian pendant.

It is very special and I am so glad you thought of it for me.
Thank you again,

Wow! Thank you xo

I got both of my beautiful pieces today. I love them both. And thank you for the heart and clear quartz. It has been such an absolutely pleasure working with you.