Tanzine Aura Quartz Radiant Heart Crystal Pendant

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The Radiant Heart pendant resembles a crystal lotus whose myriad flower petals hold and reflect brilliant light, giving the stone the appearance of a kaleidoscope.

A beautiful and powerful evolutionary tool, The Radiant Heart Crystal assists us in expanding our ability to hold and create Unconditional Love, so that we may “crystallize” the wisdom of the One Heart that unites all life in Love. Attunes the wearer to Unconditional Love and guides us through the next steps we may take to claim this more fully in our lives.

Set in .925 Sterling Silver
Dimensions: 1" x .75" x .38" inches
Complimentary 18" .925 Sterling Silver Chain

Keys: Psychic Ability, the Blue Pearl, Direct inner knowing, Recognizing ones' spiritual blueprint.

The name Tanzan Aura Quartz derives from this color likeness to Tanzanite. Its colors are akin to the Finest Tanzanite gems. Tanzan Aura Quartz swiftly raises the vibratory signature of the user; this expands their personal mandala or 'original blueprint' which is contained within the blue 'seed' pearl, allowing downloads of information which is activated from the akashic records. 

Tanzan Aura quartz is one of the most powerful materials for the development of ones's latent psychic abilities and the enhancement of one's conscious connection to spirit. It is an incredibly potent aid for intuitive's of all sorts - mediums, shamans, readers, channelers, healers- as well as those who wish to become clearer in their subtle perceptions

Customer Reviews

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Dawnmarie Gaivin
It’s perfect!

I originally bought a necklace like this at a Hay House workshop and ended up giving it to a friend. Searching online I found this and it is exactly like the one I used to own. It came carefully and beautifully packaged - which I appreciated - and exceeded my expectations in quality. Even the silver chain which I wasn’t expecting was part of the purchase is great. Thank you so much!

Angela R
Love, love, love my new necklace!

The pendant is stunning. The quality is superb! I received my order quickly. I appreciate the lovely packaging and beautiful gift! Thank you, soooo much!!!