Large Ganesha Tanzanite Crystal Carving & Talisman Rare

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Ultra Rare Large Hand Carved Blue Tanzanite Crystal Ganesha Crystal Talisman.

"Logic is like a mouse. It can cut through anything. Ganesha is the Lord of inward logic (Vitarka). Seekers on the path of knowledge must use the mouse to cut through their own illusion (like sages) instead of trying to cut through the universe (like western scientists)."

This is quite a rare treasure, a metaphysical art piece, look at the detail of her fine work.

Carving crystals is a practice dating back to ancient civilizations, when used in energy work, carved crystals have their metaphysical properties amplified, and connects much deeper with their "Guardian' as the intention of what is carved can act as a very powerful programming technique.

Tanzanite is a 'Stone of Magic' that helps with spiritual awareness and psychic insight. Tanzanite is also said to transmute negativity.

Dimensions 1.62" x 1.36" x 1.15" inches
Weight: 260 carats

Tanzanite Keys: Linkage of the mind and heart, enhanced spiritual perception, compassionate self expression, adherence to truth.