Tanzanite Crystal Skull (Ultra Rare)

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Ultra Rare Natural & Very Beautiful Tanzanite Crystal Skull Talisman Hand Carved Synergy 12 Stone.

Tanzanite is a 'Stone of Magic' that helps with spiritual awareness and psychic insight.

Tanzanite is also said to transmute negativity.

Dimensions .54" x .52" x .73" inches
Weight 30 carats

Tanzanite Keys: Linkage of the mind and heart, enhanced spiritual perception, compassionate self expression, adherence to truth.

Tanzanite (gem Zoisite or blue / purple Zoisite) It is also sometimes called the "workaholic's stone". This is because it helps you slow down and take it easy. This in turn, brings success in more areas of life. It relieves stress and depression, and enhances composure, poise, and harmony. Tanzanite is also said to transmute negativity. Physically it is beneficial for stress related illnesses and high blood pressure in particular.