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Tanzanite Synergy 12 Stone Crystal Pendant 14k RESERVED DO NOT PURCHASE~

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Tanzanite is a 'Stone of Magic' that helps with spiritual awareness and psychic insight.


Tanzanite is also said to transmute negativity.

Dimensions: Big 2.1" x 1.55" x .55" inches
Weight Grams: 140 carats

Tanzanite Keys: Linkage of the mind and heart, enhanced spiritual perception, compassionate self expression, adherence to truth.

The 'Mastery Series'

There exists a form of power and intelligence that represents the high point of human potential. It is the source of the greatest achievements and discoveries in history.

It is an intelligence that is not taught in our schools nor analyzed by professors, but almost all of us, at some point, have had glimpses of it in our own experience when we work intensely on a project or under a deadline - under pressure to get results, ideas seem to come to us out of nowhere;

These powers are something that great masters in all fields experience over long periods of time, and it comes to them through a process of learning and experimentation.

It is a path that all of us can follow. I discovered the elements of this process many years ago, a process of intense study of powerful.

All of us have access to this higher form of intelligence, one that can allow us to see more of the world, to anticipate trends, to respond with speed and accuracy to any circumstance. This intelligence is cultivated by deeply immersing ourselves in a field of study and staying true to our inclinations, no matter how unconventional our approach might seem to others.

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Blue Heart

Look like heart. Feels like a heart. Thank you.