Tanzan Aura & White Topaz Angelic Star Crystal Pendant

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The Angelic Star is cut according to principles of sacred geometry in the form of a six pointed star resembling angel's wings. Designed to facilitate the bearer's connection with Divine Awareness, provide access to the Ancient Wisdom Teachings in the Universal Storehouse of Knowledge, the Angelic Star opens a clear channel of communication to Angelic Realms.

Wearing an Angelic Star over the thymus gland, located between the throat and heart, aids in alignment of the wearer's energetic bodies with the Original Blueprint for Soul Evolution contained in the individual's Star Seed.

Set in .925 sterling silver
Dimensions 1" x 1" x 0.35" inches
Complimentary 18" SS chain

Tanzan Aura quartz is one of the most powerful materials for the development of ones's latent psychic abilities and the enhancement of one's conscious connection to spirit. It is an incredibly potent aid for intuitives of all sorts - mediums, shamans, readers, channelers, healers- as well as those who wish to become clearer in their subtle perceptions. 
Tanzan Aura Quartz swiftly raises the vibratory signature of the user; this expands their personal mandala or 'original blueprint' which is contained within the blue 'seed' pearl, allowing downloads of information which is activated from the akashic records.

The name Tanzan Aura Quartz derives from this color likeness to Tanzanite. Its colors are akin to the Finest Tanzanite gems

White Topaz Metaphysical Properties

Keys – Spirituality, psychic gifts, mental clarity
Chakras – Crown (7th) Etheric (8th through 14th above the head)

WHITE TOPAZ is known as a stone of love and worldly success. Topaz infuses the wearer with confidence while dispelling the fog of self-doubts and expels negativity from the user while encouraging attitudes of playfulness, joy and creativity. For these reasons, Topaz is thought to be the ideal stone to strengthen attitudes and energies of self-love."The ends and facets of a topaz crystal provide both positive and negative currents," says Melody.

"This is quite different from quartz. These alternating currents are linked via the ethers to the forces of manifestation through which attraction and desire are promulgated. When a request is directed through the topaz to the object or to the thought form which is desired, the topaz acts as a conductor for the message - sending the message to the ethers via a closed circuit of current which penetrates the energy field related to manifestation. The message is then relayed to the universal mind which, in turn, refines the information and assures that the intent is for the good of all, before sending the transmission directly toward actualization on the physical plane."

White Topaz also has a stimulating energy to it, and can be used as a battery to replenish one's energy. I have been sleeping with a Topaz and have found it to be very refreshing. I place the stone in the sun to recharge it from time to time. I have found that the stone creates a feeling of peaceful relaxation and a mental space very conducive to visualizations of that which is desired and desirable in life for the best and highest good of oneself and all concerned.

Topaz has been considered a valuable spiritual ally by the African bushmen for millenia. Their shamanic practitioners have used Topaz in traditional healing ceremonies, to connect with spirits departed from the Earth plane, and especially to attract wealth and health.

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Gorgeous with beautiful energy! Love it so much and plan to wear it often.

The shop is amazing and I thank her so much for packaging it so lovingly. Kristy

I absolutely love my Tanzine Aura, White Topaz, Angelic Star Pendant

- the colour of it, is simply stunning & has such lovely energy.

Dena F
I received my Tanzine Aura Angelic star pendant with White Topaz crown and its absolutely stunning!

I am am in love with this necklace!! I knew it would be beautiful, but this piece is beyond my expectations!
Your customer service is also pretty spectacular! I will definitely be visiting your shop again!

Thank you for making my vision a beautiful reality!

Many blessings to you!