Native XL SULFUR Crystal Specimen Bolivia 'Transformation & Balance'

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XL Sulfur Crystal Specimen Altar Stone. A stunning piece from a famous locality that has been closed and will not be producing any more material.

Sulfur is a crystal of transformation and balance. It draws out negativity on the emotional level, and toxicity on the physical level. Meditating with sulfur brings balance to both the emotional and mental sides of oneself. It also assists in helping us "let go" of pent up negative feelings, regrets and grudges. Sulfur boosts willpower and personal energy.

Used in elixir form, Sulfur brings spiritual illumination, aligns the mental and emotional bodies, and balances the male and female energies.

Dimensions 4.8 x 4.6" x 2.9" inches
Weight 756 grams
Origin: Boliva

Sulphur is a stone that easily removes negativity on all levels and is often used to ward off ill wishes or hexes

Sulphur is an energizing crystal which helps to remove negative thoughts, emotions and barriers to progress. It can enhance creativity and inspire imagination.

It is abundant, multivalent, and nonmetallic. Under normal conditions, sulfur atoms form cyclic octatomic molecules with a chemical formula S8. Elemental sulfur is a bright yellow crystalline solid at room temperature. ... In the Bible, sulfur is called brimstone.