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Sugilite Crystal Pendant™ 'Beacon of Light' 14k

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Sugilite Light Language Crystal Pendant™ 'Beacon of Light' in 14k.

The 'Mastery Series'

There exists a form of power and intelligence that represents the high point of human potential. It is the source of the greatest achievements and discoveries in history.

It is an intelligence that is not taught in our schools nor analyzed by professors, but almost all of us, at some point, have had glimpses of it in our own experience when we work intensely on a project or under a deadline - under pressure to get results, ideas seem to come to us out of nowhere;

These powers are something that great masters in all fields experience over long periods of time, and it comes to them through a process of learning and experimentation.

It is a path that all of us can follow. I discovered the elements of this process many years ago, a process of intense study of powerful.

All of us have access to this higher form of intelligence, one that can allow us to see more of the world, to anticipate trends, to respond with speed and accuracy to any circumstance. This intelligence is cultivated by deeply immersing ourselves in a field of study and staying true to our inclinations, no matter how unconventional our approach might seem to others.

Dimensions: 2.8" x 1.42" x .25 inches
90 carats

One of the premier stones of this Age, because of its numerous beneficial properties"

Sugilite Keys: Dreams, spiritual protection and purification, becoming a 'Beacon of Light'
Chakras: Third eye (6th) crown (7th) Trans-personal and etheric (8th through 14th)

Sugilite is perhaps the most powerful stone for calling in the violet flame of purification. It tends to 'burn away' the gray spots in the auric field, removing negative attachments and karmic influences.

The only place of origin is and was South Africa, today the mine is already exhausted.

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Diane Workman
Absolutely stunning!!

This pendant is exquisite! The stone itself radiates a regal energy and the wonderful jewelry cage around it is so unique. The combination of the jewelry and the stone are stunning. I am always so amazed that the pieces you send are as beautiful, if not more, than what is one the website. Thank you for bringing such a beautiful being into my life.