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Stibnite & Calcite Specimen 'ODYSSEY' Collectors Quality

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An odyssey of self-discovery.

Rare mineral & powerful protection stone.

"Stibnite is a stone carrying the power of the underworld. Associated with the planet (and the god) Pluto and it emanates Plutos's energy of transformation,death and rebirth,new perspectives and Great Wealth and Power"

Dimensions: 1.97" x 2.9" x 2.22" inches
Weight 122 grams | 4.3 oz
Keys: Attunement with new frequencies, transformation, new perspectives, prosperity, enhancement of personal power
Chakras: All

Stibnite is a metallic, dark grey stone that is beloved of healers, especially in combination with black tourmaline.“Stibnite is useful for moving energy through the physical body. In healing work, it aids the body in integrating energy and in shifting genetic patterns to reflect one’s spiritual evolution.