Sodalite Healing Crystal Energy Bracelet Blessed & Energized

These Sodalite Quartz Crystal bracelets have been powerfully blessed & energized at one the most powerful vortexes in the world, which sits on a crystal plate 270 miles in diameter.

Sodalite is a stone of insight, helping one penetrate paradox and contradiction in order to form a new synthesis of thought. It enhances the mental powers of analysis, intuition, observation and creativity and is stimulating to one's latent genius. It facilitates self-discipline, efficiency, organization and structure in research and other mental pursuits. It is an excellent stone for writers, business people, teachers, students, psychologists and those who delve into philosophy.

Sodalite is one of the stones of deep journey. It provides insight into the self and a dispassionate assessment of ones motivations and strengths, weaknesses, desires, gifts and patterns of personal destiny. If one is doing deep meditations or taking shamanic journeys, Sodalite can be an important ally. It can reinforce one's 'witness' consciousness, making one more able to view and remember the scenes and symbols presented.

One size fits all
Weight  13 grams
Origin: Casa Dom, Brazil

Keys: Access to subconscious and intuitive abilities, enhanced insight and mental performance, deepened intuition
Chakras: Third Eye

It stimulates psychic vision and multi leveled understanding, sparking the 'aha' moments where in one sees the pattern that connects the inner and out worlds and the events that happen in both places at once.

As a stone of insight and pattern-recognition, Sodalite can aid astrologers, numerologists, tarot readers, as well as those individuals who consult the I ching and other oracles. It helps one translate the archetypal patterns revealed in oracles into meaningful understanding regarding the events in earthly life. It also helps intuitive readers assess the personalities and energy patterns of their clients.

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LOVE the bracelets and so beautifully wrapped!!

EXCELLENT transaction. A++ TYVM

Great bracelet!

Love this bracelet! Great quality, color, size. I originally bought for myself but it was speaking to my son so he wears it. I'm always satisfied with everything I buy from this seller. Top seller!