Sirius Blue Oracle Eye Cosmic Ice Andara Pendant 14k RESERVED

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Ultra Rare Bi Color Sirius Blue Oracle Eye Monatomic Andara Crystal Pendant in 14k gold with Cosmic Ice.


5D Monatomic Andara Crystals, 'New Interstellar Energy'.

Activate Sirian Christed codes that are a part of your individual DNA coding & spiritual heritage to reclaim your position among the masters of this realm.

"These Monatomic Andara Crystal Glass come from one of the Earth's high-energy vortex sites in the High Sierra Nevada's of northern California, Lady Nellies Land"

Andara', meaning 'Light of Beauty and Perfection'

Dimensions 2.74" x 1.65" x .75" inches
Weight 40 grams - 1.4 oz

Cosmic Ice : Infinitely or inconceivably extended in space or time, vast and harmonious. White / clear is the color of Light, which permeates all reality, transcending time and space, revealing our true nature.

'Between the two eyebrows is the gland that is the most mysterious part of the body. This gland, called the pineal gland'. Start then keep Seeing.

One Being is the source of all creatures. The life of that Being shines through the multiple prisms of diverse worlds, refracting, reflecting, becoming the many, yet remaining ever one in essence, like the colors of a spectrum or the cells of a body. The distinction between you and this Being is not absolute but organic, like the distinction between leaves on a tree or the distinction between notes that contribute to the harmonies of a song. Behind your individuality, beneath your cultural illusions of self, that Being is who you are.

What distinguishes true Andaras from obsidian imitations is that there is always Etherium (prima Matra) present in genuine Andara Crystals. Etherium is a very rare combination of over 70 minerals that has a profound effect on our body and our subtle energy fields.

The only available source of Etherium in the world is found on Lady Nellie's land where the Andaras are present. True Andaras work with your DNA, greatly accelerating your perceptions by calibrating you mostly while you sleep, (Giving you lots of dreams).They work in your Heart and they work wonderfully with your intentions.

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This gorgeous Andara caught my eye as soon as it appeared on the Doorways to Power website. And, not long after I purchased it, it arrived, like magic, at my home all the way in Australia! This is a beautiful and powerful piece and its presence in my life has been made even more special due to Shilona's love and care, ensuring that it reached me as soon as possible and with beautiful presentation and lovely surprise gifts! I have purchased a number of items from Doorways to Power and every time I am amazed not only by the items themselves, but by Shilona's outstanding customer service and dedication to her work. My highest recommendations for this amazing lady and the stunning pieces she brings to the world! Thank you again Shilona for sharing your light and blessings with those of us lucky enough to cross paths with you in this lifetime.