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Silver Luna Monatomic Andara Crystal 'Guiding Light'

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Silver Luna Monatomic Andara Crystal 'Guiding Light' w/ Bubbles.

The Silver Luna Andara Glass is reflective and introspective, this Andara allows one to perceive that which is, uncolored by one's beliefs or judgments. Known for its clarity and silver-back refraction's, Silver Luna provides a guiding light from above.

"These Monatomic Andara Crystal Glass come from one of the Earth’s high-energy vortex sites in the High Sierra Nevada's of northern California, Lady Nellies Land"

Andara’, meaning ‘Light of Beauty and Perfection’

Dimensions 3" x 4.93" x 1.5" inches
Weight 310 grams | 11 oz

What distinguishes true Andaras from obsidian imitations is that there is always Etherium (prima Matra) present in genuine Andara Crystals. Etherium is a very rare combination of over 70 minerals that has a profound effect on our body and our subtle energy fields. The only available source of Etherium in the world is found on Lady Nellie’s land where the Andaras are present.

True Andaras work with your DNA, greatly accelerating your perceptions by calibrating you mostly while you sleep, (Giving you lots of dreams).They work in your Heart and they work wonderfully with your intentions.
Rainbows will appear as internal fractures (foils) Rainbows are the closest manifestations of Pure white light that can be witnessed on this plane. Rainbows unite and integrates heaven and earth.

On special Occasions rainbows choose to live within the the world of a crystal, displaying their magic to us. Truly a gift from the Universe if you are blessed to receive one of these. When used in Meditation Rainbow crystals open the doorway way to the realm of pure color. Back to the source of all life, the Great Central Sun, the foundation of our reality. They are also know to be bringers of happiness and master depression fighters.

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Dabra Clarke

I have purchased 7 different Andara Crystals and I enjoy their beauty and energy they add to my surroundings. They come beautifully wrapped in less than a week.