Siberian Blue Quartz Flower of Life Pendant .925 SS

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Beautiful & Highly Energized Siberian Blue FLOWER OF LIFE SACRED GEOMETRY JEWELRY PENDANT.

The pendants unique cut creates 12-pointed star associated with Christ consciousness and the restoration of Divine Order. Its an evolutionary tool for those who wish to reclaim the purity and grace of their soul, as it was originally created. The Flower of Life places one within the center of abundant, nurturing energy of the Universe. This is an excellent tool for protection and advancing along the path of your soul's growth.


A powerful combination. The pendant measures 3/4 inches across and 1.5 inches down from the bail. Medium pendant of exceptional quality, inspired by the principles of Sacred Geometry,an exquisite powerful Combination.

Dimensions ( H x W ) 1.5 x 3/4" inches

What is the FLOWER of LIFE symbol?
The Flower of Life symbol is considered to be sacred among many cultures around the world, both ancient and modern. Within this symbol can be found all the building blocks of the universe that we call the Platonic Solids. The symbol can be used as a metaphor to illustrate the connectedness of all life and spirit within the universe.

Siberian Blue Quartz
Key - psychic awakening,mediumship,mental clarity and insight, feeling at home on the earth
Element – water,wind
Numerical vibration – 9
Siberian Blue Quartz - A brilliant blue laboratory-regrown crystal (created from quartz and cobalt, Siberian Blue Quartz brings about intense visionary experiences and accesses cosmic consciousness, stimulating metaphysical vision and telepathy. Lifting the spirit and instilling deep peace, this stone facilitates speaking your truth and being heard. There is no other gemstone that so strikingly exhibts the blue ray as the Siberian blue quartz. The wind element energy of this stone evokes psychic awakening, and can be of assistance to those who wish to develop the powers of clairvoyance,clairaudience,clairsentience,prophecy, psychokinesis,mediumship and inter dimensional communication.

Note: Siberian Blue Quartz is a High-vibration stone and carries all the generic properties of natural quartz.

Excerpt from "Love is in the Earth" by Melody: When quartz is grown with a substance, in this case Cobalt, the quartz amplifies the properties of the cobalt: "Cobalt can be helpful in developing and furthering creative endeavors, bringing the forces of creativity to their zenith. Its is said to be quite uplifting to ones emotional experiences.

The message of Cobaltite is that there exists a place within each of us which contains perfect harmony....where nothing is inconceivable, ....where everything is possible. This place can be accessed at will, and is where the perfection of all that is resides, and where the all-knowing may be accessed. It is a realm of perfection and accessing it allows miracles to manifest in our lives."

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Suzanne Brown
Siberian blue flower of life

Beautiful piece, felt the energy the minute I opened the package. Love love love my pendant.