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Shantilite Crystal Sculpture & Altar Stone 'Divine Peace' Shanti Light

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Shantilite Crystal Sculpture & Altar Stone "SHANTI LIGHT", The name comes from the Sanskrit "Shanti" meaning Divine peace.

Shantilite's currents enter the body like a "whoosh" or wave of energy rushing through. With that wave comes an immediate flow of peace throughout the body, instilling a state of profound relaxation.

Shantilite is an excellent stone for meditation. It can bring one into a state of deep inner silence, aiding one in feeling attuned with the living Silence of the spiritual realms. It stills the inner dialog, because its peas is so attractive to the psyche that the "thought train" tends to dissipate. Shantilite can help one clear the repeating loops of worry and anxiety. Its deep, slow, loving resonance works to dissolve the vicious circle of tension and worry.

This is the largest most beautiful piece of Shantilite we have come across.

Dimensions 14" x 10.5" x 6.5" inches
Weight: 20 lbs | 9071 grams

Keys: The "Peace that passes understanding", Inner Silence, Harmony
Chakras: All

As a stone of deep peace, Shantilite can be of benefit to those working spiritually to alleviate all sorts of stress-related pathologies.

Because it is strong enough to be felt throughout the etheric body, it is ideal for those recuperating from any illness or injury. Shantilite can be an aid to prayer, as it quiets the mental side and draws one's attention to the sacred. It helps one find communion with the angelic realm, and it aids in the Ascension process by bringing one's vibrational field into a state of quiet receptivity and harmony.

"Om Shanti Shanti Shanti - Peace in mind and soul. Peace in thought and intention. Peace in speech and action. Peace in me and you. Peace in Oneness"

Shantilite works well with all of the Azeztulites, as well as Anandalite, Guardianite, Rosophia, Scolecite, Danburite and Petalite.