Shamanic Power 2021 Bracelets

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"The 2021 Shamanic Power bracelet is composed of Auralite-23, Mystic Merlinite and Master Shamanite. These stones work in a potent synergy to call forth one’s latent Shamanic potential. Auralite-23 accentuates one’s psychic and visionary capacities. Mystic Merlinite aids on one creating magical results through channeling power. Master Shamanite enhances one’s ability to engage in Shamanic journeying, and to call upon spirit helpers for healing, protection, and manifestation. Those who use stones shamanically will find powerful allies in these three.

Size: Made with 6 mm beads on comfortable elastic band. Also available  8 & 10 mm beads, contact me for larger size.

Guarantee Card

Each Bracelet is personally programmed by Robert Simmons for the highest good of the wearer.
These Limited Edition Bracelets each comes with a signed and numbered Information/Guarantee Card.

Shamanism is a very demanding spiritual path. One must be a keen observer, and one must hold a focused intention in order to truly enter the shamanic worlds. One must use one’s personal power in order to align with greater powers. The goal is the perfection of one’s awareness and the merging of one’s intention with the Universal Flow. Stones such as those in the Shamanic Power 2021 Bracelet provide vibrational attunement to this Flow." —Robert Simmons

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Beautiful Bracelet!

I truly have enjoyed every purchase from Doorways to Power! This bracelet is beautiful and so comfortable to wear! Love the energy!

Beautiful bracelet

Love these bracelets - both to wear and in grids

Nana Cede
Absolutely LOVE this beautiful bracelet.

It is well-made and fabulous!!

Hello Shilona, Thank you so much for your help, and for the gifts!

The little Lemurian and ruby red Andara crystals are GORGEOUS ^_^

I've included a couple of photos- currently they're sitting beautifully with some other gems, underneath a bunch of fragrant lisianthus flowers, near candles and a big window. I think they like it there, though I 'm looking forward to sleeping with the Andaras tonight. In the photo you can also see the massive Older Worlds Lemurian Quartz crystal I purchased from you previously. <3

Thank you again! It's been a pleasant experience shopping with you.

Many blessings,