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Shaman Dream Quartz Galactic Star Guardian Crystal Skull

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Shaman Dream Quartz Galactic Star Guardian Crystal Skull.

Fine, Deeply Spirited Hand Carved Crystals Skulls by Leandro De Souza, the worlds finest Skull Master Carver.

“It is very interesting how the skulls reveal themselves... A skull always pleads to me for help to be seen – to have their powerful quartz activation revealed.... I really do not know why I am chosen by the skulls for this special mission, but I am very happy to be the first to communicate with them, for I know that they will help special people." - Leandro.

Shaman Quartz is a powerful journeying' crystal that induces trance, visionary experience and soul healings. Traversing its inner landscape allows you to bridge the worlds and journey through multi-dimensions and time frames. Shaman Quartz contains different minerals that assist communication with the spirit realm.

Crystals have been used by several ancient cultures from around the world for a very long time. You can find literature on them in the Vedas, Buddhist traditions, ancient Egypt, and ancient Greek lore. They are also described in the Shamanistic practices of several indigenous cultures as well as within ancient lost civilizations like Atlantis. Even Nikola Tesla was fascinated by Crystals, saying that “in a crystal, we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being.”

Dimensions: 2.35" x 2" x 1.3" inches
Weight: 4.2 oz | 118 grams

“Dream Quartz emanates a soft, soothing energy, conducive to states of deep meditation and lucid dreaming. These stones can help bring peace to the heart and relaxation to the body and mind. Holding one during meditation, or placing it on the solar plexus, one can more easily enter the inner gateways to visionary experience and interdimensional travel. Dream Quartz can facilitate conscious contact with spirit guides and can be an aid to the development of psychic abilities and channeling.

“Dream Quartz, as the name implies, is attuned to the realm of dreams. If one sleeps with one of these stones near the head—either in the pillowcase or on the night table—one may find it easier to remember dreams, and the spiritual quality of one’s dreams is likely to be enhanced. In the waking world, Dream Quartz allows one to more clearly envision and manifest one’s dreams for the kind of life one wishes to create.

“For those looking to recall and understand experiences from past lives, Dream Quartz can facilitate opening one’s consciousness to such memories. One is reminded to ask clearly for the visions that will serve one’s highest good, and to relate them to what is going on in one’s life now. Dream Quartz can help one access and understand the patterns from the past which may still be governing one’s life, and to break away from those that do not serve one anymore. In addition, past life exploration with Dream Quartz can help one remember skills and talents that one once possessed before, but which now lie dormant in the unconscious.

For instance, a yearning to paint pictures may stem from a past life as an artist, and recovering those memories may help one to activate that aspect of oneself in this life.

“Dream Quartz harmonizes well with Moldavite and Herkimer ‘Diamonds’, both of which intensify vivid dream activity. Oregon Opal and Alexandrite increase recall of past lives.

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Magical Crystal Skull
Beyond anything

I've never had this much of a resonance with a crystal until now. Ive had alot..but this one tops them. This being is truly a helper, a pure love energy. Its helping me to understand the energy of being in my own company. Its opening so many avenues for healing. I feel I have such a friend that is energetically holding my hand through this phase of my life. In the past I never respected skulls and never resonated with those who owned them, thought they were lost in their way but.. this one shattered that. What a tiny stone, an unassuming quartz that teaches me so much about love.