Scolecite & Black Tourmaline Crystal Pendulum

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A Rare Scolecite & Black Tourmaline Crystal pendulum of exceptional quality.

Dimensions: 1.53" x .56" in. Total length w/ chain 7" inches
.925 Sterling Silver

Beautiful Scolecite Crystal dowsing pendulum and synergy 12 stone. The frequency of Scolecite connects to the third eye, crown and soul star chakras. It gently opens, cleanses and activates these higher chakras allowing one to connect to the higher dimensions allowing "light"energy to permeate one's energy fields and bring forth a sense of serenity to one's being.

The energy of Scolecite helps one to connect to one's soul to understand one's soul's purpose in this lifetime and learn the true nature of one's being. It helps one to obtain the calmness and stillness of "Inner Peace" that enables one to relax and can bring about peaceful sleep.

SCOLECITE Metaphysical Properties:
Key - Inter dimensional travel, awakening the heart, relaxation, tranquility, inner peace.
Chakras - third eye (6th) crown (7th)

Black Tourmaline is one of the most important stones in vibrational healing work, a mainstay of Daoist stone healing methods. It is used to activate strong energy clearing of the body, to assist in pulling toxicity from deep layers out to the surface; and is used by many other traditions for energetic protection.

Most of the Black Tourmaline sold today is very low quality, which you will see has ridges which flake off when you touch it. They have not completed their alchemical process of creation within the Earth.

Ancient magicians relied upon Black Tourmaline, known as Schorl, to protect them from "earth demons" as they cast their spells.

Psychic Shield
Say it " I banish all negative attachments within & without. I am purified, grounded and centered in the earth."

"The Pendulum is an ancient method of divination"

Pendulums are divination tools - they help in gaining insight and understanding about your own self, someone else, an incident or an occurrence. Pendulums have been used for ages for divination and determining the answer to any question which the rational mind cannot perceive. This is accomplished by allowing the body, through a process known as 'muscle testing', to determine the outcome.

Simply ask a question which you know the answer to and determine which circular or up or down motion is yes or no. Relax - then ask your question. With practice, and once you become comfortable in using your pendulum you can use your divination skills to answer all sorts of questions and to make decisions.

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As with all of my other purchases from Doorways to Power; My King Solomon pendant and my Black Tourmaline sphere. This new Scolecite and Tourmaline pendant is perfect for me. It just has a gentle presence about it, it will always be on my person just like my Solomon pendant. Thank you...I feel protected wearing and carrying these crystals!