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Satyaloka Quartz Azeztulite Crystal Pendant

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Sterling silver double-helix wire wrap Azeztulite Pendant, resonating as closely as possible with our DNA. 

This is a very holy stone, imbued with the energies of one of the Earth's relatively unknown sacred sites

Dimensions 2.34 x .31 x .31" inches
Key – Spiritual Awakening, Planetary Consciousness, Receiving Light and knowledge from the higher planes
Chakras - Third eye (6th) Crown (7th) Soul Star (8th) Transpersonal (9th- 14th)

Another beneficial feature of these crystal pendants is their vertical alignment, paralleling the alignment of the chakra column. The tube magnifies and blends the currents of the stones indies and the double - helix spiral acts as a concurrence-enhancing influence to the whole of this piece.

These pendants offer much more than meets the eye.

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Deidra C
Very pleased!!!! Great quality, nicely packaged-


Tai Vanessa
Very high vibrational crystal.

Love it so much!