Ruby Lavender Quartz & Morganite Vogel Crystal Pendant

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'Magical Lost Stone of Atlantis'

"The powers decided that the knowledge and level of vibrations would be kept from mankind until it was capable of handling them in a prudent and proper manner. There have been many attempts by Initiates and Masters to tap in and draw upon the knowledge that we are sharing with you, but all has been blocked. Now the time is proper and it is being shared."

"Once again, crystals are the magnetic vehicles of the universe. They are the working, conducting energies of containment and evolution. Through their application they are a tool for conscious development, by affording the mind opportunities to explore other areas of existence and amplification of frequencies."

Ruby Lavender Quartz is known as a passport to angelic realms allowing one to communicate with their guardian angels and entities of higher angelic conscious levels. Carrying a very commanding feminine force, the female aspect of God at her most powerful, it activates and heals the heart chakra with strength and unconditional love.

If one is ready the stone can initiate a powerful release of even the most deeply embedded blockages. The depth and richness of the pink ray in this material is astonishing. Vibrating powerfully in the high heart chakra, it opens channels to divine love, acceptance and a love for all of humanity.

There is only one of these left, they will not be produced again. You will receive the exact pendant shown in the photos.

.925 Sterling Silver
Dimensions 1.44" x 1.05" x 0.5" inches
Comes with complimentary 18" sterling silver chain

Morganite Keys: Divine Love & Compassion

Known as Pink Emerald, Morganite is rare and beautiful, heart energy that effortlessly cleanses and activates your heart, bringing love into our life. It has been said to be one of the highest frequency stones available.

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Ruby Lavender Pendant

Shilona is a fantastic seller My awesome Ruby Lavender Morganite Vogel Crystal Pendant is so Awesome my pendant is so very awesome and my gift of S angel and lavender in a bag saying with love is super
I will buy from Shilona in the future 👍