Rhodonite Crystal Pendant

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Beautiful & Rich Colored Rhodonite Crystal Pendant in Sterling Silver.

Rhodonite can provide a psychic link to the archetypal pattern of personal destiny, helping one remain "on beam," for the fulfillment of one's highest aspirations.

Strengthening the Heart Chakra

Dimensions 1.9" x .75" x .61" inches
Weight: 26 grams - 1.6 oz

Keys: Discovering and developing hidden talents, compassion, love, generosity, altruism.
Chakras: Heart (4th), Root (1st)
Comes complete with complimentary 18" sterling silver chain.

Its name derives from the Greek word meaning "rose red" Rhodonite promotes the energy of love. In this case, the love is more outer-directed than with stones such as Rhodochrosite.