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Rare 2.43" Golden Citrine Herkimer Diamond Record Keeper Tantric Twin Crystal

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Dimensions 2.25" x 2.43" x 1.5" inches
Weight 125 grams 4.4 oz
Keys - Dreams, Visions, Purification, Spiritualization of Physical Life
Chakras - Third eye (6th) Crown (7th)
Properties: Master Initiation Channeling, Tantric Twin, Master Record Keeper & Rainbows.

It is a powerful stone that can create a vortex of energy to pass through it and to the area you are working on, or chakra center you are working on. Double Terminated crystals draw in and emanate energy from either end so they are able to unify their energy and then project it forth in a blended, unified and powerful manner. They are balanced with complete polar ends so also show us how to balance energy in ourselves.