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Rainbow Moonstone Dragon Crystal Talisman 'Awaken the Dragon'

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Beautiful & Powerful Artisan Hand Carved Rainbow Moonstone Dragon Crystal Carving & Talisman.

This is a Rare treasure, a metaphysical art piece.

Carving crystals is a practice dating back to ancient civilizations, when used in energy work, carved crystals have their metaphysical properties amplified, and connects much deeper with their "Guardian' as the intention of what is carved can act as a very powerful programming technique.

According to legend, is in the nature of the Dragon to collect, store and guard a vast array of precious gems. Metaphorically, the Dragon is the Ancient Ancestor who contains all the old wisdom. This is why the symbol has and is used by initiates and royalty.

It is a symbol of mastery as well as sovereignty.

To 'awaken the Dragon' means to make an ally of ones own power and to be in touch with the mysteries of the universe. When one accepts their own personal power and wields this authority with Wisdom and Response-Ability, what is gained is the knowledge of Earth and Star energy - the Power in the land and the constellations above. However, when power is abused or unacknowledged, these energies take the form of ones shadow and will be a source of trouble until resolution is born.

Symbolically, the Dragon with its tail in its mouth represents the unenlightened soul bound to the cycle of reincarnation, while the active Dragon symbolizes the Adept. Two Dragons facing each other symbolize one who is working toward Immortality, while two Dragons facing in opposite directions indicate the attainment of Immortality.

The Grail Quest or 'Great Work' is also called the 'Opening of the Eye of the Dragon'. This is because the Spirit reabsorbs all of the Light that it has projected as the objective universe, reawakening the Dragon energy. This union produces 'the Immortal Spirit', the 'Sun at Midnight'.

Dimensions 2.7 x 1.45" x .37" inches.
Weight: 110 carats

The Metaphysical Properties of rainbow Moonstone, The most powerful effect of moonstone is that it is calming to ones emotions. It also promotes intuition, lucid dreaming and empathy. It is best at promoting lucid dreaming during the full moon periods. Moonstone is wonderful at balancing yin and yang energies.

It is especially good at helping males get in touch with their feminine sides Moonstone can be used with all chakras, placed on each one it will clear and open each chakra, providing a loving compassion to assist one through all changes in their lives.

KEYS - Mastery, Self Discovery, Intuition, Insight, Dreams the Goddess
Chakras - Third eye (6th) Crown (7th)

"For centuries, many cultures revered the moonstone for its healing and metaphysical properties. The Romans attributed the stone to all moon goddesses, but especially Selene and Aphrodite. It was thought to have fallen from the sky during the full moon.

The Lakota Indians attribute the moonstone to the mother, new beginnings and balancer of emotions. It is connected strongly with the moon and intuition and empathy.

Rainbow Moonstone seems to vibrate much more powerfully than other varieties, additionally activates all of the chakras!