Rainbow Aura Hematite Triangle Crystal Altar Stone

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"Rainbow Aura Hematite is a colorful and exciting new addition to our metaphysical stone inventory. The base material of these amazing pieces is Specular Hematite, and it has been combined with Titanium in a bonding process like the one which produces the well-known and much-loved Titanium Quartz. In this case, the bonding of Titanium produces a unique vibrational synergy that is as remarkable as this new stones vibrant colors!.

Dimensions: 2.55" x 2.75" x .95" inches
Weight: 140 grams - 5 oz

Specular Hematite is Hematite's most energetically active form. Its unique sparkle comes from the alignment of Hematite molecules in arrays of finely interlocking plates, which reflect the light. When enhanced with the Titanium Aura process, a metamorphosis occurs, transforming Specular Hematite into Rainbow Aura Hematite" -RS