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Protector Quartz Crystal

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Beautiful Polished Protector Quartz Crystal. (You will receive the piece in the photo)

These unusual crystals are rich in Hematite inclusions, which infuse their naturally high energies with a powerful influence for protection, grounding and strengthening one’s natural capacities for self-protection and overall empowerment. Carrying, holding or wearing a piece of Protector Quartz aids one in sensing whatever energies are in and around one’s outer auric field (which can extend from fifteen feet to several miles). This enables one to know when one is being approached by negative currents. These stones also send out such powerful positive vibrations that negative patterns are often completely repelled from one’s field. Protector Quartz is an ideal stone to carry when traveling, or whenever one feels a bit run down, depressed or otherwise vulnerable. It can help one to keep misfortune at bay!”

Dimensions: .73" x 1.15" x .88" inches
Weight: 10 grams