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Primal Energy Moldavite Azeztulite Shungite Crystal Necklace

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Powerful High Energy Crystal Necklaces that Empower You! Designed to enhance the power of stones for specific purposes.

Approx. 30" inches long with sterling silver clasp.

Contains: Agni Manitite, White Azeztulite, Primalite, Guardianite, Shungite, Black Azeztulite & Moldavite. This strand is a transformational source of Life Force. Excellent for psychic protection, personal power, enhancing physical vitality.

Azeztulite is among the highest vibrations in the Mineral Kingdom, carries a high vibration from the Angelic Realm.
Keys - Receiving the Nameless Light, Link with the Great Central Sun, Reattunement of the Liquid Crystal Body Matrix for Healing and Regeneration

Chakras - All (including the etheirc chakras above the body)

Agni Manatite is a powerful stone of protection. It builds a vibrational shield around one's auric field, preventing negative
forces and entities from entering. It stimulates one's own ability to sense and discriminate benevolent influences from those that
may appear attractive, but are actually parasitic. It aids one in dispelling attatchements to unhelpful patterns, and it this a useful
ally in giving up addictions or bad habits. It teaches one to recognize and protect the intergrity of one's own being and to value it deeply.

Agni Manatite is a stone of creative power. It acts like a fuse that sets off the 'explosion' of one's full capcity to manifest one's visions.
Inspiring one to do the inner and outer work necessary to bring forth one's wholeness, and one's inner power to create.

Guardianite is the Guardian Stone 'Shields One With Angelic Forces'

A stone of a very high vibration with an infusion of life force, grounding, strength and protection. It connects the Root Chakra with the energies of the Earth to offers a deep and immediate grounding effect. It directly nourishes the auric and etheric bodies and then aligns them with the physical body."

Shungite is a unique combination of carbon and silicate minerals found in an ancient deposit in Karelia Russia. It is believed to be around 2 billion years old. It is an extraordinarily positive stone... and using it may bring you a variety of blessings. This is an amazing stone, and one that is beneficial to a healthy life.

Shungite will often come across as a stern and disciplined teacher, ready to impart its sacred wisdom with those who are committed to a higher path of evolving. One has a responsibility when working with the energies of Shungite, as its source is not to be taken lightly or by the faint of heart. The "ancient of ways" seems to echo through from the Shungite gemstone; Older Souls will be able to "hear" this inner language coming through. Preventing one from the burden of negative attachments, Shungite quickly disperses such toxins away from the individual. Replacing one with more positive energy, the enduring nature of Shungite is constant and unrelenting, never waiving from its strong centered source. Shungite can and will propel one along the direction of his or her path, keeping one focused, grounded and centered at all times.

Moldavite activates any and all of the chakras and also opens the mind to the limitless possibilities inherent in its cosmic origins. Moldavite's energy tends to dissipate blocks throughout the energy system and then center energy in the heart, opening the heart to universal love.

Keys: Transformation, rapid spiritual evolution, chakra activation, cleansing, protection, increased incidence of synchronicities.
Chakras: All, especially heart (4th) third eye (6th)

In spiritual self- healing, Black Azeztulite cleanses and clears one's body and energy field of negative energies, disharmonious attachments, psychic parasites, implants and inappropriate karmic patterns. It can be used for conditions in which the body attacks itself.
Black Azeztulite is a mixture of quartz and black calcite. It is a stone of the Midnight Sun. it is related to the huge black hole at the center of our galaxy, and represents the moment of singularity of Zero Point, in which the laws of the universe become fluid and changeable, making it a powerful catalyst for spiritual transformation.

It offers power and protection to those who work with it. It aids in releasing emotional wounds.
Keys: Light within the Darkness, complete transformation, memory of one's divinity, protection, infusion of Light, Alchemical Philosopher's stone.

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Flavie Moine
My necklace

Once again shilona reserved me a surprise :). A new necklace a new piece of art, a treasure from earth. I am in love with it, its beauty, its energy. I am thankful to be able to wear it