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Prehnite Crystal Energy Bracelet

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It multiplies or increases energy and strengthens one’s protective field.

A ++ Top Quality Bracelet is one size fits all, The elastic string measures 7.5"
Weight: 32 grams

Keys – Inner Peace, Union of the Heart and Will, Communication with non physical beings

Useful during meditation. It is said Prehnite is excellence for visualizations of any kind. It provides a smooth transition into meditation. It facilitates spiritual communication through meditation and lucid dreams.

Considered the stone for dreaming and enhances dream recall. Prehnite is said to enhance the ability to make contact with unseen entities, to increase ability for prophecy and helps accuracy with predictions.

Allows inner knowing. Many warn that it is a powerful stone, not to be taken lightly.

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Kristine K

Thank you thank you thank you

Pamela R
Great energy bracelet!

Love this bracelet! So beautiful, wonderful quality & powerful! This company sells the most beautiful bracelets & gems. I'm always satisfied & a repeat customer. Thank you also for my extra gift, love it!