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Pink Rhodazez Azeztulite Crystal Rare

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Beautiful rare Pink Azeztulite polished and tumbled stone, has the alternative name Rhodazez.

Dimensions: 1.03" x 1.11" x .40" inches
Weight: 8 grams

Keys: Deep Heart Awareness, Emotional Healing, Serenity, Compassion
Chakras: Heart (4th) Third Eye (6th) Crown (7th) Soul Star & Transpersonal (8th through 14th)

Pink Azeztulite can aid in soul retrieval. It is an Ideal stone for healers , facilitating a compassionate rapport between practitioner and client. It promotes empathy, and can help those who do intuitive readings to connect with the clients soul, and to read the clients divine blueprint.

Pink Azeztulite facilitates a sweet calm, serene, yet highly activated state of awareness. It clears all emotional blicks to the Ascension process and opens the heart to recieve spiritual light. It teaches the body that it is worthy of healing and regeneration. It harmonizes with hearts stones such as Morganite, Rosophia, Rhodochrosite and Rose Quartz.

Azozeo Super Activated Crystals carry much higher frequencies than the non-activated versions of the same stones. They emanate powerful currents of subtle matter/energy, or Celestial Fire. They provide a more powerful, clearer and more elevated version of the characteristic of each crystals vibrations. They expand awareness to higher realms, actualize spiritual capacities and open one to enlightenment.