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Pink Fire Azeztulite Crystal Azozeo Activated

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Azozeo Super Activated

Dimensions: 1.7" x 2" x .65" inches
Weight: 30 grams | 150 carats
Keys – Inner Fire of Divine Love, High Heart Activation, Passionate self-identification with Love, Emotional and Physical Self-Healing.
Chakras - Heart (4th) and High Heart (Between 4th-5th)

Pink Fire Azeztulite encourages a great intensity of love--for the world and everything in it. It triggers within us the potential to truly know that love is our foundation, our life force, and the animating energy of the Universe.

Customer Reviews

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Hello Shilona ~ I’ve been wanting to touch in with you to send my thanks.

Your package brought a lovely whoosh of delight; that in itself makes the transaction with you extraordinary, even had it not arrived so swiftly, with such very modest import fees.

- the Pink Fire Azeztulite you sent to me as a substitute: you did, indeed, send a truly lovely stone. I have come to appreciate it, its ‘upright’ and self-sufficient stance, and even its larger size, which I suspect was just what I needed. I’ve been working with it and I have no regrets at all for having ‘gone with the mystery’ as you had suggested. That said, I will add this: IF the other little one turns up in the future, please do think of me and let me know. I would love to order it, also. [I am slowly filling a water-clear small quartz bowl with the Twelve. It’s a passion project. A Pink Fire Azeztulite with the delicacy, translucence, and scale to correspond with the Tanzanite and the Petalite would be very much at home in there.]

I look forward to seeing what new marvels and miracles appear on your site after your upcoming trip. I will certainly continue to be a customer.

With ongoing thanks,